Saturday, October 6, 2012

Little rich girl

am i rich?? what is rich????

if you can do more meaningful thing,
if you can help more people,
respect people around you,
make the environment better,

i think that is the rich person ;)

(i didn't mean little girl is smoking , smoking is not good……
this is what i think the rich people looks like^^'''''' )


  1. hi cindy,
    few days ago I made a reflection on the innate creativity and empty people dedicated to steal ideas, or whatever, of others ...
    these people are empty!

    People "rich and noble heart" is good.
    i love you blog

    1. hi karumina
      thank you for your message :)
      i'm normal and small
      but i want to do something meaningful for this world

      so i paint,
      maybe my painting can only do little help to others

      thanks for visiting my blog
      " People rich and noble heart is good."it's truly inspiring ;)

      I really appreciate it :D
      best wishes for you